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CS Security Solutions has been excelling in the EAS industry with its ‘Common Sense’ solutions for every business situation. While the concentration remains on loss-prevention and your asset protection, we will never sell you a product you do not need. Our creativity knows no bounds; our expertise ranges small, medium and large businesses, warehouse solutions, high-end retail, and beyond. CS is guaranteed to come up with the best solution to your security needs.

Our staff works diligently to provide forward-thinking answers to today’s expanding security issues. CS is continuously exploring the leading loss-prevention technology available, to remain current to today’s security challenges..

National Presence

CS has a national presence based out of Florida, with locations and/or technicians in California and Florida and all points in between. Our expanding network of business partners and quality technicians and specialists in the United States ensure that we are never too far away. With a team of more than a dozen technicians in ten states, we travel nationwide to take care of your loss-prevention needs. We believe in quality, not quantity*.

*If you are an experienced technician looking to broaden your horizon, please submit a resume here.


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